After a successful 9-year career in front-line sales, Andrew turned his focus to Sales Development & Training for S&P Global Market intelligence.

Following years of developing front-line reps and Sales Leadership, and building out the internal sales training curriculum, methodology, and onboarding programs, Andrew was asked to take a role in Sales Strategy and Transformation.

Andrew led key sales initiatives such as a $1B project developing a new Key Account service model, standing up and integrating new SDR and Customer Success Teams as well as being part of the Sales Leadership Team to establish a completely new Sustainability ESG company.

Following a $44B merger, Andrew was responsible for leading a Strategy Team focused on Sales Training, Culture, Leadership Development, Rewards & Incentives, Role Definition, Career Mobility, and Sales Compensation.

Andrew also designed and led the creation of a new fully bespoke in-house sales methodology to unite the sales force under one common set of sales principles, operating language, and execution habits.

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