We align ourselves with your sales strategy and use our diagnostic tools to review your sales capability and effectiveness

Many of our clients have previously put money into development, training and transformation programmes that have not yielded the expected return on investment. Typically, this is because key stakeholders or the culture of the business did not support or buy into what was rolled out.

Each business is unique and that is why we believe that the only way to make the right long-term changes in a business is through conducting a visible period of due diligence key activities at this stage may include:

  • Review of sales strategy

  • Review of sales talks and presentations

  • Review of commission structures

  • Sales competency based interviews

  • Shadowing team meetings

  • Phone/Field Shadowing

  • Tracking of sales team activity through application of our CSF tool

  • Behavioural Profiling

  • Benchmarking Sales Capability

We deliver expert recommendations to help you achieve your unique business objectives.

We will work with you to agree the right structure, format, content and delivery approach for the sales transformation programme.

Our skill is to take the “grey” out of the advice and provide the most impactful recommendations to help the consultants, sales team, recruiters, and leadership team perform.


We partner with you to create custom resources and deliverables that will support the transformation in your business.

The objective of this phase is to design a programme and associated deliverables that are relevant, clear and simple to implement.

Dependent on your objectives and situation this could include creating, defining, refining or codifying:

  • Sales playbooks.

  • Critical Success Factors (CSFs).

  • Sales strategy (Market Attack Plans).

  • Sales structure.

  • Sales process.

  • Bespoke Sales/Recruiting/Management Methodologies.

  • Sales tools including qualification frameworks & account development plans.

  • Incentives and Compensation.

  • Approaches to Recruiting, Management, and Retention.

  • Sales and Sales Leader Competency Frameworks.

  • Sales onboarding programmes.

  • Recruiting, sales and management tools/sales pipelines, processes, and development manuals.

  • Word tracks for both phone and face-to-face sales and management.

  • Train the trainer materials.


We engage with your team to roll out new frameworks, tools and to develop the new sales habits that will elevate your sales.

The final stage is when we start to deliver the solution to the teams and individuals. We apply the best method to ensure take up, understanding, and the ability for individuals and leaders to take ownership in their part of the process. This is an ongoing phase in which we start and continue the implementation process. Training is a process not an event.

Ways we have successfully engaged with clients include:

  • Interactive Workshops and Instructor Led Sessions.

  • Video roleplay analysis sessions.

  • Action Learning Sets.

  • Webinars and remote learning.

  • 1:1 Coaching and Mentoring (sales and sales leadership).

  • Field shadowing sessions.

  • Conferences/Key Note Speeches.


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