Craig has a passion for driving habitual growth through elevating the practice and perception of sales in organisations across the globe. His 12 year career has involved selling, recruiting, training & leading salespeople.

Like all of SBR’s consultants, Craig is also an authentic practitioner, mixing curiosity with insight to achieve sales success across multiple industry sectors including Professional Services, ICT, Financial Services and Travel. Craig also has first-hand experience of multifile routes to market including multiple facets of B2B and B2C based selling.

As a Sales Performance Consultant, he uses expert knowledge and experience and works closely with his clients to ensure that they have the right habits, tools and processes to drive revenues, increase productivity and develop high performance sales cultures.

Specific areas of specialism include:

Behavioural Change  ~  Buying Behaviours  ~  Sales Process  ~  Personality types  ~  Account Development  ~  Consultative Selling

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