Are you going to finish strong in 2020? Can you ensure you and your sales teams are the most productive after the disruptions of the year so far?

We will look into tactics and techniques relating to self-awareness and regulation that help you perform as effectively as possible.



Our special guest: Richard Reid, Founder & Head of Clinical Services at Pinnacle Wellbeing Services

With more than two decades of high-level experience in the corporate world, Richard brings to his coaching practice a unique perspective and drive to succeed. He has the ability to help his clients dive deep, as required, and to shift between narrow and wide focus depending on the context and goals.

In his own words, Richard is “on a mission to make you better.” He emphasizes working collaboratively with his clients to achieve the results they aspire to. His pragmatic, integrative coaching style has generated incredible results for those seeking support in areas such as developing resilience, boosting presence or charisma, and navigating organizational development.

Over the course of his career, Richard spent nine years as a senior consultant in the IT sector, including two years heading a team at Booz Allen Hamilton. He has also spent 15 years as CEO of his own company, which has offered him a deep understanding of the challenges that corporate leaders face. He has worked in a coaching capacity for many years, supporting executives in organizations such as Cisco, Sophos, Cap Gemini, and Novartis.

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