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All Private Equity firms have their own strengths, weaknesses, quirks, needs, challenges, cultures and language.

Any transformation programme therefore needs to acknowledge and reflect these if it is going to stick for the long term.


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“Y.O.Y. growth while engaged with SBR Consulting, we had an increase in deals paid out of 123%, an average sales per person increased by 30%, an increase in conversion rates of 25% and an increase in top performers of 77.8%. “The help that they have provided us has propelled us to our highest ever level of conversion whilst also allowing us to significantly grow the company.”

JAMES WILKINSON CEO of Zuto Finance Download full case study


“Our fund closed at €1bn ahead of the re-forecasted €12.5 amount. The results were deemed so impactful that the programmes are now being rolled out across all asset classes as a three-tiered training development plan.”

ANDREAS MONDOVITS Senior Managing Director of ICGDownload full case study


“SBR provided us with reliable methods and frameworks to approach a certain type of conversation with that was simple and implementable. We went from having 100 people in the organisation to 350. “As the training was so valuable, newer people, established salespeople, the junior team or anyone interested in BD now benefit from it.”

STUART MCNULTY CEO of Alpha Financial MarketsDownload full case study



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