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Published: Nov’ 22
Blog: Developing a tech stack strategy

Part 1 on how your business can determine an effective tech stack strategy.

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Publication: Making Your 2023 Sales Kick-Off A Knockout Success

How to make your Sales Kick-Off deliver a great motivational boost by making it engaging, punchy, and well-planned.

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Published: Oct '22
Blog: Defending your margin in an inflationary environment

Learn how you can defend your margin and build trust in the current inflationary environment.

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Webinar: Defending Your Margin in the Current Climate

Inflation is on the rise and your clients & suppliers are raising their rates – why aren’t you? In this webinar, you will learn how to commercially react to the environment you’re working in.

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Published: Sep ’22
Blog: The value of customer success teams uncovered

Part 1. In this blog, we’ll be talking through the importance of customer success teams to a business and how to uncover their real value.

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Webinar: The Formula for Successful Sales Leadership

The webinar is designed to give you practical and easy to apply tools, techniques, and tips to help drive performance with your team.

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Published: Jul ’22
Blog: The essential framework for successful sales leadership

In this blog, we discuss the importance of an engaged team and the cost of ambivalence, why time allocation is critical: which actions lead to which results, the importance of data & segmenting your people and approach to improve win rates.

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Published: Jun ’22
Blog: How to develop simple habits that boost business development confidence

Consistency is the most important factor in business development. We discuss the small daily and weekly actions you need to build up a sustainable flow of business.

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Published: May ’22
Blog: Why sales shouldn’t be a dirty word for consultants

How investing in sales training and marketing activity can dramatically increase your firm’s equity value.

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Published: Mar ’22
Blog: Revenue Intelligence

How to improve the health of your pipeline and the performance of your sales team.

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