To truly Elevate Sales and create Sales Transformation in a business, means having complete alignment and buy-in from all 3 levels of an organisation: The C-Suite, the mid level Sales Managers, and the frontline Salesperson.

We appreciate and fully understand that each area of the business is responsible for creating and executing a different part of the overall sales strategy.


The role and involvement of the senior company leaders is critical in creating true Sales Transformation. The C-Level team sets the strategy for the entire company, determines the principles that will guide and inform all of the daily processes and procedures, and establishes the people that will lead and create the culture within which the company will operate.

It is the C-Suite that first creates the vision and ultimately it is the vision that inspires habits. We work with the senior leaders to help them understand all the elements of building a systematic, repeatable, scalable sales strategy that powers the future revenue and profitability growth of the entire business.

Sales Leaders

Sales Managers have one of the key roles in creating sales transformation and establishing a sales culture because they are the intermediary of converting theoretical strategy into actionable and repeatable processes and then ultimately on to results.

Responsible for recruiting, hiring, training, and motivating the sales force, it is the sales manager(s) who often effect whether or not results actually take place.

At SBR Consulting, our team never replaces the essential work of internal sales managers. Rather, we partner with them and work alongside them to develop the necessary tools and processes to help them attract the best salespeople and enable their sales effectiveness.

Inspiring the sales team on a daily basis falls squarely on the shoulders of the sales managers, which is why we train them on our proprietary ECCE sales management system which gives them simple actionable strategies for how to coach and lead each salesperson based on their unique strengths and weaknesses.

Sales People

Creating a Top Producer is the result of developing expert competency in 3 areas: skills, systems, and sales motivation. In increasingly competitive environments this is an area that is relevant to anyone that is customer facing whether they have “sales” in their title or not.  When it comes to sales skills, we use our trademarked Q.U.I.S.™ sales methodology and supporting toolkit to help your team develop the habits that will enable them to:

  • Create more leads and opportunities by prospecting effectively into new and  existing accounts using referrals, tailored value propositions, face to face networking, the phone and social selling techniques

  • Convert more of the right opportunities through effective qualification, influencing, objection handling and closing

  • Maximise your margins and profitability through effective negotiation

  • Retain and grow your accounts through effective account development, cross selling, customer service and relationship building.

Our proven 160 year history of developing top sales professionals combined with our internationally renowned thought-leadership expertise ensures that you’re getting some of the best sales training in the world.                                                                                                                          Sales systems includes developing the habits of a high performer in terms of their ability to:

  • Effectively work their sales territory.

  • Effectively manage their sales pipeline.

  • Update and analyse the data from the CRM.

  • Conduct effective prospect and customer follow up.





We also work with teams to develop strong sales motivation and understand the power of improving their personal attitude. We help the sales force develop the habits necessary to build confidence, resilience, and persistence by leveraging tools and techniques like:

  • The power of productive self-talk.

  • Establishing an effective daily schedule.

  • Building a sales plan focused on controllable activities.

  • Setting motivational sales goals and targets.

In the center of it all, is ultimately driving and affecting the salesperson’s daily habits. And so we often utilise our signature 1-on-1 coaching services to provide customised accountability to maximise the likelihood of execution and implementation.

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