Although the sales landscape has changed, most organisations still spend the bulk of their time ensuring their people are up to speed on product/service knowledge. Although this is a key aspect, there are a number of other competencies required to be successful at sales.

Q.U.I.S. Selling™ is the Consultative Sales Methodology, developed by SBR Consulting. It encompasses the entire sales process and the skills needed for sales development, including how to:

  • Create more leads and opportunities by prospecting effectively into new and existing accounts using referrals, tailored value propositions, face to face networking, the phone and social selling techniques.

  • Convert more of the right opportunities through effective qualification, influencing, objection handling and closing.

  • Maximise your margins and profitability through effective negotiation.

  • Retain and grow your accounts through effective account development, cross selling, customer service and relationship building.

Sales systems includes developing the habits of a high performer in terms of their ability to:

  • Effectively work their sales territory.

  • Effectively manage their sales pipeline.

  • Update and analyse the data from the CRM.

  • Conduct effective prospect and customer follow up.

In many cases we know that we can help raise sales by increasing overall organisation.

We also work with teams to develop strong sales motivation and understand the power of improving their personal attitude. We help the sales force develop the habits necessary to build confidence, resilience, and persistence by leveraging tools and techniques like:

  • The power of productive self-talk.

  • Establishing an effective a daily schedule.

  • Building a sales plan focused on controllable activities.

  • Setting motivational sales goals and targets.

Sessions can be delivered in a range of formats.


An interactive group experience with dialogue, discussion, brainstorming, role play, or live work, led by one of our consultants.


Customised private education delivered directly between one person from your team and one of our consultants.


Your team member goes through our formalised training process to become a certified SBR Consulting instructor with permissions to reteach our content.

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