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All businesses have their own strengths, weaknesses, quirks, needs, challenges, cultures and language.

Any sales transformation programme, therefore, needs to acknowledge and reflect these if it is going to stick for the long term.

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SBR Consulting adopts a 3-stage methodology to orchestrate change: CONSULT, CREATE & EMBED to support you in achieving your objectives. This approach allows SBR to help our clients move towards truly embedded sales behaviour and improved performance from leaders and salespeople alike.

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 What is the CONSULT phase?

We align with your current state and use our diagnostic tools to review your sales capability from which we are able to capture best practices to be replicated, deliver expert recommendations and provide a project blueprint that helps you achieve your unique objectives. This is a crucial stage to kick-off the project, as it ensures internal buy-in and it marks the first step of the change process.


 What is the CREATE phase?

We partner with you to co-create deliverables to support the change in your business. Deliverables at this stage can include:

  • Recommendations for sales strategy, structure and execution.
  • Sales Playbook and Sales Guide: Definition of the sales process, methodology and tools.
  • Sales competency frameworks.
  • Sales development programmes for sales leaders and salespeople.


What is the EMBED phase?

In order to maximise the impact of training we engage with your team to roll out and support the implementation of new processes, frameworks and tools to develop the new sales behaviours and habits that will elevate your sales and help you reach your objectives.

SBR Consulting engage and partner with you for the long term, to ensure the sales change programme is fully embedded.


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