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The scope of the CREATE phase will be confirmed on completion of the CONSULT phase and outlined in the sales capability report.


What is the CREATE phase?

  1. Creation of the outputs and deliverables of the CONSULT phase.
  2. Relevant content from our IP library to support your objectives.
  3. Tailored to your organisation and market you operate within.

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“The thing I really like about SBR is whilst they have a strong methodology, it’s clearly not a ‘one size fits all,’ and it’s changed to suit every business.

“We’ve have seen a reduction in sales cycle time by a third; improved efficiency in their prospecting approach; and since working with SBR have brought on five new clients.”

Thomas Whicher Founder of DrDoctor



  • Capture of top-performer content provides a platform for sustainable growth in terms of revenue and new customers.
  • Creates a deeper understanding of buyers, buyer behaviour and their buying process, leading to an improved ability to add value to buyers at all stages of the buying process.
  • Supports and improves the transition of an opportunity from Marketing activity to Sales to Account Development, working towards making this seamless to the customer.
  • Adoption of a common sales stage language, which brings advantages to collaboration of the wider team.
  • Facilitates the improvement of business forecasting and use of CRM.
  • Increases the effectiveness of opportunity reviews and coaching in turn, leading to improved sales performance.
  • Provides a framework and context for Sales competency development and training, leading to an improved ROI on any training investment.
  • Reduces the time-to-performance for new-hires by providing a clear sales process and access to what excellent looks like.




Download PDF Marketing Sheet


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