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SBR Consulting are a certified partner of the Association of Professional Sales.

The Association of Professional Sales (APS) has been developed by practising sales leaders in response to a clear set of needs. Their collaborative philosophy brings together sales leaders, professionals and academics at the forefront of the sales profession, all of whom are passionate about the recognition of sales and its development.

They recognise the need for the sales profession to have a body that has credibility amongst senior practitioners to represent the profession to UK Plc, Government, Business and Consumer levels, and leading the thinking of Ethics, Standards and their implementation. They also aim to develop the understanding of sales and create a destination for those unaware of sales as a career option.

  • Providing overall thought leadership and driving research on issues identified by the body.
  • Providing guidance on best practices, professional development.
  • Working with academia increase the number of professional qualifications options in the UK.
  • Striving for recognition in the award of Chartered status to the body.
  • Contributing to, and raising the standards and status of the sales profession.
  • Making a career in selling aspirational by demonstrating what senior level selling is all about.
  • Providing a platform to share insights, ideals, experiences and leading-edge thinking.
  • Championing a commitment to best practice and ethical professional sales standards.
  • Providing a robust continuing professional development (CPD) programme.
  • Supporting sales professionals in playing a constructive and strategic role in their organisation

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