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  • Sales Whiteboard documented (Story script & visual).
  • Key information outlined, including; Relevant data points, Third Party Validation / Reference story examples, Critical questions.
  • Sales whiteboard training class – ready to use.
  • Sales whiteboard certification framework.
  • Professional whiteboard video (on request).
  • Train the Trainer (on request).


A SALES WHITEBOARD provides a visual story framework to the sales team so that they have a conversation centered around their customers’ situation and provide a trusted advisor’s point of view, based on your unique differentiators.

SBR will create a bespoke whiteboard conversations through content review, interviews, and workshop with your organisation’s stakeholder and drive adoption through an EMBED phase with training classes and coaching.

The programme creation will include all the relevant collateral to ensure successful uptake of behaviours, introducing a consultative and professional selling mindset and approach. It is embedded through a two days training course designed so that the sales teams are ready to hit the ground and deliver their whiteboard conversation by the end of the class.



“This whiteboarding choreography turned what is so often a difficult pitch into a simplified and impactful conversation based on insight and understanding.

“The original creation of “World of a CIO” truly changed the game. More than once I have seen this workshop silence a room in wonder and trigger a huge leap forward in a deal.”

Managing Director CRM Consultancy


“By creating simple customer-centric narratives, our teams can engage in meaningful sales conversations, help customers paint their own picture and articulate the value of partnering with us.

“The whiteboard conversations are consultative by nature, focused on our customer’s vision and therefore creating both relevance and differentiation in our approach.​”

Head of Strategic Product Sales Travel Technology Global Head


“One of our sales used the messaging on the phone with the CIO of a company who he had tried to engage and get a meeting with no success. He asked for a 5 min conversation (duration of Whiteboard Messaging), which the CTO agreed. As soon as he went through the message, he had interest and the discussion went for over an hour. At the end of the meeting the client asked for a time when the rep would be available to go and meet them, took his calendar and agreed on a date and time.”

Sales Leader APAC Technology Company​



Download PDF Marketing Sheet


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