Karin’s sales career started at university where she worked in a SME focused on wholesaling products imported from China. During this job she experienced direct and over-the-phone sales negotiating with retailers, wholesale chains and the China producers. After graduation she joined one of the BIG4 companies where she was promoted to the role of manager after five years. As a manager / senior manager she provided advisory services for large companies from the automotive, constructions and manufacturing industry as well as to several family companies. She led the department helping new investors enter the Czech market and grow their business. Karin with her team helped many large investors establish and further develop their business in the Czech Republic. Moreover, Karin gained international experience during her secondment in Seoul, South Korea and during summer job in the USA. Karin also has extensive experience in coaching, motivating, hiring, and onboarding individuals. She loves helping individuals and companies to grow and find the right solution in any situation.

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