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Sales is the life blood of any consulting firm and how you approach sales matters. Winning or losing just one deal can make the difference between smashing target and needing to lay off staff. The unfortunate thing is that selling is often personality-led rather than process-led, and so firms have a high dependency on the charismatic owner when it comes to bringing in new business. In addition, if your ambition is to build value into your firm or create the space for the owner(s) to step back, then developing an organisation sales capability and infrastructure is fundamental. 


One client of SBR Consulting is quoted as saying; ‘80% of our revenue comes from the partners – we need to turn that on it’s head’. Sure enough, 18 months later and 80% of their revenue is coming from the team outside of the partner group. How was that achieved? Well, one core component was a top-notch sales playbook. 


📅 Tuesday, Apr 23rd, 2024

🕙 16:00 PM to 17:00 PM BST


What we will cover in this event

  • The key components of a best practice sales playbook – from sales process to researching a prospect to leveraging online sales tools.
  • Why it matters.
  • How you should go about building one.
  • What are some of the pitfalls.
  • Top tips when it comes to embedding the playbook within the organisation.
  • Some examples to help get you started.



     Alan Morton SBR Consulting


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