“Sales, Coaching and Motivating people changed and it’s still changing my life. That’s why I love it!”

Toma’s 11-year career has involved selling, leading sales teams and developing organisations in the US and Bulgaria.

2009: Built his first 10 person sales team.
2011: Started working for Southwestern Advantage selling division.
2011: Top 1st-year dealer – sales (international division).
2012: Top 2nd-year dealer – sales (international division).
2012: Achieved ‘Top Experienced Dealer’ – sales (finishing in the top 10% company worldwide).
2012: Achieved ‘Wall Of Greats’ for recruiting (Number 1 company worldwide – recruited and trained 20 person team).
2012: Achieved the ‘Gold Award’ for working 80+ hours a week (sales summer program = 12 weeks).
2013: Started Delta3 Consulting – Growing for 6 years.
2017: Set up the SBR Consulting Bulgarian branch – Growing Y.O.Y.

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