Inflation is on the rise and your clients & suppliers are raising their rates – why aren’t you?


In this webinar, you will learn how to commercially react to the environment you’re working in.

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Date: Thursday 29th September 2022

Time: 12:00pm BST (30mins+Q&A)


By using SBR’s Habit’s Triangle, the 3 key things you will take away from this webinar are:

  1. Preparing the right mindset & self-talk to build confidence.
  2. Understanding market trends, your customer & opportunities for a strong negotiation.
  3. Managing potential objections & positioning your relevant value-add.


If you’d like to ask a specific question for the Q&A then you can do that here. We will also use this to tailor the content to you.

If you’re not defending your margins – what’s it costing you?


Our Speakers

  Emile Hall Consultant

After a career of selling a variety of products and services, Emile has transitioned into a realm of sales enablement to help others to be more successful in their own roles.


  Jonathan Adams Managing Consultant

Jonny’s has worked in organisational growth of sales teams and has a specialism in Inside Sales. Jonny has been the senior sales lead in his previous role which led him to be a high performer in transactional and corporate sales environments.


  Alan Morton Managing Director

Alan has personally worked with over 12,000 salespeople and over 100 different organisations. He specialises in winning business and designing, delivering, and embedding sales and BD programmes within IT and consulting organisations.


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