It seems like things are going well, communication is good, progress is good, and its looking like they might just say YES! …but then it happens.

They stop replying. You are now chasing them. What happened??

Traditional advice tells us to just keep following up. I have a problem with that advice. If they truly wanted to work with you then they wouldn’t be ghosting you in the first place. Here are 5 simple steps to avoid being left in the dark at all.


1. Daisy Chain Communication.

One of the more obvious reasons why this happens is there is no expectation that they will get back to you with any real urgency. Perhaps in your mind you were expecting a reply in the next few days but in their mind it was a “when they get a minute” task. Before ending any call, zoom or meeting set up the next time that you are going to speak. This ensures that you are not left chasing because it is in the diary. It also gives you a pretty accurate indication of how urgent this project is for them.


2. Ensure you have uncovered their discomfort. 

People rarely hire a consultant without specific pain that they want to get rid of. Potential clients may like your business and even respect what you do but in most cases, it is not enough to work with you. To illustrate this point, I once asked a room of 100 people “who takes painkillers to get out of pain and who takes vitamins for optimal health?”

20% took vitamins for optimal health. 90% took painkillers for pain.

Uncover that pain.


3. Bring new perspectives and ask thought provoking questions. 

The Rain group conducted a study surveying 700 buyers to identify what the top reasons for buyers buy. 42 answers and the number one was;

“The Consultant educated me with new ideas and perspectives”


In order to do this we need to first have fresh perspectives. In addition to this we must also ask questions that encourage the client to uncover new ideas for themselves.

Some simple thought provoking questions are;

-So what’s motivating this call?

-Why jump on a call with me right now rather than 6 months ago?

-Out of everyone you could speak to about this, Why Me?

-What happens if this problem is left unresolved for the business and for you personally?

-What are the alternatives to us working together? How do you feel about those alternatives?


4. Do NOT send a proposal.

You may be surprised at how many people are happy to say yes without one. I have seen people say yes to £5000, £10,000, £15000 worth of work without ever seeing it in a glossy proposal. If a proposal is absolutely necessary, sometimes it is, then still do not send it. Book a time to discuss it together and make progress.


5. The “Give Up” Email.

Chris Voss, FBI negotiator turned Business Consultant gives this one liner to reignite the conversation if a potential client still decides to ghost you. Here is the one line email;


“Have you given up on this project?

No one wants to give up. If they still don’t reply the deal is truly done.

Simple, powerful and effective strategies.


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