SBR Consulting is a specialist sales transformation and sales enablement performance consultancy. We focus exclusively on the end-to-end sales journey and what it takes to make each stage a habit. We deliver practical real-world solutions and are uniquely qualified to help businesses grow due to the fact that every member of our delivery team is an Authentic Sales Practitioner.

Our aim is to elevate the practice and perception of sales within individuals and organisations and as a result create increased revenue, enhanced professionalism & intelligent activity.

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SBR Consulting


SBR Consulting is part of Southwestern Family of Companies, an employee-owned collection of more than 20 different operating companies that span many different industries, all with two things in common: professional sales, and building people. We have thousands of salespeople worldwide who make a total of over $200 million in revenue. Our oldest (and still flagship company) is Southwestern Advantage. Established in 1868, it’s the oldest direct sales company in the US.

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