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Blog: Ensure your teams emerge from the crisis stronger than ever

With the ongoing economic and social disruption resulting from the Covid-19 outbreak, adapting to the “New Norm” will be a continuous process. Therefore it’s essential that you keep up to date with the latest sales and coaching advice and research.

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Blog: Why should you care about and codify your sales process?

In short, if you haven’t already you should do this from the perspective of enhancing your team’s sales effectiveness but also from the perspective of if you have an aspiration to raise funds or sell your business.

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Blog: How you can keep your team selling during lockdown

In this blog, we discuss techniques to ensure your team stay motivated, productive and engaged during lockdown.

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Blog: When talking to prospects, why don’t we ask the right questions?

How can we prevent salespeople from leaving customers with a poor understanding of their needs?

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Blog: 3 Things You Need To Know for Effective VC Meetings

Doing the occasional internal VC for a team meeting is not necessarily adequate preparation for this big shift.

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3rd June 2020
Scaling Up in a Lockdown: Remote Sales Webinar

How to implement an effective hiring strategy, secure talent, and onboard remotely in the new world.

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Remote Sales Webinar #4: Leading To The New Sales Norm

We look at the crisis in 3 phases: the lockdown, the recovery and building, and finally, the new norm.

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17th June 2020
Virtual Conference: The Art of Selling Consulting Services

When it comes to project pipeline generation and conversion to revenue are you seeing opportunities or setbacks?

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Remote Sales Webinar #3: Coaching For Sales Performance

How to ensure leaders have the ability to develop the sales effectiveness of their teams remotely.

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Remote Sales Webinar #2: Selling Through Disruption

3 core elements when creating customer intimacy & protecting revenue in volatile times.

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