At SBR Consulting it’s important to us that we share as much of our insight and experience with you as possible. As such, we produce publications, articles and much more for our sales community.
Jun 05, 2024 | 10 AM to 2 PM
In-Person Event: Transform Your B2B Marketing with AI

A half-day networking event hosted by 6 experts from 3 businesses, strictly for B2B leaders.

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Published: Apr '24
Blog: Maximising Leads – Opportunity and Conversion

This blog will discuss the intricate interplay between lead generation and conversion, with advice from two industry experts, to explain some of the strategies and tactics necessary to optimise both aspects of the sales funnel.

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Webinar: Sales AI, How to Leverage AI in Your Sales Process (with Glyphic)

We’re teaming up with Glyphic, an AI copilot for sales teams to look at how artificial intelligence is transforming sales.

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Published: Jun '24
Why a poor Professional Services wrap in your SaaS business might be causing a 100% increase in churn!

How not having a good Professional Services attach rate in your SaaS business might be causing a 100% increase in churn!

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Published: Mar '24
Blog: 7 Effective Positioning Tips to Help Grow Your Professional Services Business

By differentiating from competitors, considering the aspirations of buyers, involving your team, and providing social proof, you can create a strong and resonant brand identity.

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White Paper: ‘Innovate or Stagnate’ Reimagining the Financial Services Business

This White Paper sets out 5 elements crucial for driving organisational change and ensuring long-term success in the dynamic financial landscape.

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White Paper: ‘Roots And Shoots’ How To Deliver ‘Deep Growth’ In A Disruptive Market

This White Paper sets out how one decisive organisational change can help you not only navigate unexpected change, but also how to drive growth that is strong, sustainable and valuable.

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Webinar: Effective Positioning for Professional Services Firms

In this webinar, we’ll share with you some expert insights on how you can position your consultancy or professional services firm for sustainable growth.

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Webinar: Maximising Opportunity & Conversion in the Professional Services Space (with Create Engage)

A webinar focussing on uniting Marketing & Business Development for Professional Services Success.

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Webinar: The Power of Value Propositions (with Quint Strategy)

In this webinar, we’ll explore how your business can develop a strong value proposition and win new clients — without having to wait for referrals from your network.

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