“SBR offers me things I can’t do myself. I know I need them, and they’re not things I can study or learn myself. But even though we put in the investment, we saved time and I avoided dead ends because it was already tried and tested. So we save time and energy.”

David Kozelka, Division Director of Adastra



What do you value the most about SBR?

What I value most is that SBR understands what we need. Working with SBR was easy because they knew what they’re doing. It’s not like having an external party come in who doesn’t understand our business, and we have to explain the difference between a consulting company and a telco company. We agreed on what we needed, and didn’t need, how much we want to spend, who it’s for – it was all very straightforward. It was clear that we aren’t the first company of this type that SBR had worked with.


What were the main factors for success?

SBR were clearly prepared because, as for every company, there are very particular personalities. The high-profile positions, such as managing consultants or account managers, are often very unique individuals who require a certain approach. So by going through these people’s individual assessments it helped a lot in determining what SBR recommended for them.


Adastra are strong at sales. Why do you need SBR?

Yes, but we don’t know how to transfer our sales skills and we can’t do everything. Of course, we could try and write our own sales playbook, and spend time working out our processes, but SBR have already done it many times, so it’s again about saving time.


What’s the value of working with SBR?

The real value is that the deals are more often and now much earlier, so we have a better idea of which deals to pursue, and which to disqualify, and what information we need to pursue, and, specifically, what’s necessary within the sales process for us to dedicate our time to the opportunity. This has pushed a lot of consultants over to consultative sales; they talk more to the customers and find more opportunities. We’ve systemised our business process and simultaneously taught out people how to use it which wasn’t present before. We now have more orders because we have implemented and standardised reporting in our CRM.


How would you describe SBR?

When I speak about SBR with my colleagues, or other companies that we have within the group, I say, “They know how to sell, and they know how to teach even to more unique companies like ours that have a non-standard sales team. They can help move things forward. They’re just very good.”


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