Improving the consistency of a sales approach across geographically dispersed team


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SBR Consulting supported the development of up-and-coming people within the business towards being effective in a BD context.

Alpha were originally based in the UK and had very small offices in Paris and Luxembourg. Now Alpha have over 350 people in the organisation.


We wanted to force ourselves to do things that we may otherwise have avoided. SBR provided us with reliable methods and frameworks to approach a certain type of conversation with.

It’s simple and implementable. Challenging, in a good way, and repeatable.

Stuart McNulty Chief Executive Officer of Alpha FMC



Like many consultancies, Alpha wanted to scale but recognised that there were dependencies throughout the organisation on key people and clients. Growth required the development of their work winning processes and the wider team.



Culture is hugely important to Alpha. One of the challenges for any growing consultancy is making sure they have a shared vision and common language that describes best practice in winning work.



Originally, only new directors that came into the company had SBR’s training. As it was so valuable, newer people, established salespeople, the junior team or anyone interested in BD was exposed to the training with sessions and workshops rolled out across the global network of offices.

Over the course of our relationship Alpha grew from c.100 people to over 350 people with individuals applying key lessons on how to engage proactively to create, convert and maximise opportunity.



We initially engaged in a period of consultation to align with the current reality and approach to winning work. A combination of interviews, observation and review enabled us to develop the insight and engagement needed to then co-create a playbook and series of workshops that was then rolled out across the organisation at relevant levels. Work with the consultants was supplemented with a workstream focused on the directors in order to ensure alignment and accountability.


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