Aligning systems and process to succeed in a complex enterprise sales environment


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Janes is a leading provider of open-source intelligence for industries including aerospace, defence, and security. With over 120 years of history and over 180 countries Janes sells in, the company is a well-established global data provider. With an investment from Montagu Private Equity, the business has prioritised building on the current offering by further developing the core platform and proposition. Following a launch of an interconnected intelligence platform, Janes Intara, the Montagu Full Potential Partnership (FPP) team introduced SBR as a trusted partner to help accelerate sales transformation in the post-launch phase.


“My most recent win was a direct influence from the Launch session surrounding the deal review exercise we did with SBR.”

   Bob Foery Director of Defence Sales



The overall goal of the Sales Enablement Programme was to create a set of resources, structures and processes that delivers consistent revenue growth, both within the existing base of Janes customers and through winning projects with new clients.



Whilst revenue had continued to rise there was a lack of rigor and visibility on data in the business. Following the launch of the lead product, it only made sense to align processes as Janes was going through a transition from a company selling products and services to a company selling more complex data platform.



SBR supported the sales and sales enablement organisation to deliver results including:

  • A consistent approach to managing opportunities through the sales funnel, both at the level of process definition and at the level of individual client meetings.
  • Improved forecast accuracy, opportunity qualification and sales velocity.
  • Improved return on sales FTE investments.
  • More effective prospecting, faster qualification and better closing through front line customer facing and sales staff deeper understanding of Janes proposition.
  • Lower people churn, reduced recruitment costs and improved sales performance through focused recruitment and professional development.



Via a Sales Enablement Programme with series of workshops, SBR:

  • Provided the platform for the salespeople to succeed in more complex enterprise sales environments.
  • Developed a targeted, staged and repeatable approach to sales (Ideal Client Profile, Buyer Personas, Buying Cycle).
  • Integrated sales process and methodology into the sales team and provided leaders with a management cadence to maintain sales excellence.
  • Helped Janes to utilise the CRM tool to provide clarity and visibility to the leadership and salespeople on the pipeline, with a focus on lead and lag indicators.
  • Created Competency Frameworks, Sales Compensation Plans and Enterprise Account Plans.


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