“I feel there’s a considerable change to our team’s perception – this seems very apparent at first – delivery and expertise, sales, marketing, pre-sales, the quieter people who don’t do a lot of talking. And I think that a programme has been created where our people can better understand and acknowledge that each of them have an irreplaceable role regarding contact with the customer.

Through the practice of the sessions, they started to discover that this is something they can all do well – that it’s actually normal to proactively approach a customer, take them for a coffee, and begin the conversation.”

Tomas Mesteller, Chief Commercial Officer of Orbit



What do you like about SBR?

The partnership. An understanding that it isn’t us who has to decide on what the solution is. I take this as a necessary minimum. SBR go beyond and understand the culture, the needs, and adapt.


What were the main aspects of success?

The preliminary analysis, even before the first workshop – SBR took the time to meet our people and understand their sales experiences, what they need, and how to tailor content for us.


How was the investment reflected in the analytics?

I think it’s significant. It’s not been taken out of context. At least the programmes I’ve completed at Orbit have mostly been taken out of context. SBR are credible from start to finish.


What changes has SBR brought to your company?

It started with the inner dialogue – with people’s internal engines regarding what they want from their work and how they stay motivated for every step – to be successful, to close deals, to create value, to grow.


What has particularly been modified in interactions with customers?

There are a few things. They learned to use silence, to ask questions and listen to the other person, instead of thinking: “I came here as a consultant, I’m going to press play, and now you can listen to me for 50 minutes while I tell you everything until my throat goes dry!”


What changes were embedded in your business?

From the point of view of gross profit, in the last 3 years, we’ve grown from 3.5 million CZK to 13 million.


Try to describe SBR in three words?

Original, personal, professional.


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