“Following the SBR Consulting training we improved the quality and quantity of meetings by about 50%. Our guys were really energised to do what they previously thought they couldn’t sell.”

– Lucia Andreucetti, Commercial Manager of Reply Ltd.

Reply Ltd are specialist in business integration, enterprise architecture, working with organisations from the mod to M&S.


Enterprise Architecture is a technical complex sale and the end users are knowledgeable about the technical arena. This often means that the best person to sell to them is the technical expert, as opposed to a more junior salesperson.



The dilemma is whether you employ a number of more experienced salespeople, or train the senior technical managers to become more proactive at business development. By choosing the second option the issue goes beyond just developing sales skills and sales confidence, but includes cultivating an effective use of time, as the best architects are already billed out for much of their time.
Sales training had been provided in past but not been bought into by the Reply team and the leadership team wanted to put in place a sales process (end to end) to support the growth of the business and utilise the great strength of the technical experts in the sales cycle.



There was a considerable mind shift in the technical team around their responsibility for business development and a three-fold increase in meetings set up.
The team had more confidence in meetings using the trained Q.U.I.S.© methodology and there was an additional £3million of potential work added to the pipeline within the first 3 weeks of the first two days of the training programme “The level of skill and experience shown by SBR has contributed to the success of this course. Their commitment to helping us achieve our goals came through very strongly. They adapted to the challenging environment that it the Reply technology audience and made them understand how to step outside their / our comfort zone. This course has cancelled the apathy felt by the team at the beginning and has given everyone a fresh perspective. Roll on the next sessions!”



It was essential that SBR truly understood the whole picture at Reply: the environment, what was working and what needed to be improved. The programme involved seven key players, all who are client facing technical experts. SBR spent two days onsite meeting each person, researching the current processes. We then created a High Performance Sales Habits Programme for the key players. It focused on mapping each of the current clients and then proactively building relationships beyond the few main contacts. The objective was really to meet with key people, listen and understand the relevant areas where Glue Reply could add true value.


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