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Executive Summary

A changing landscape in FS means that, to remain successful, firms must transform their client segments, strategically align human resources, and modify behaviours without compromising their expertise and professionalism.

It’s a formidable challenge, but it is achievable with the right systems and approach. SBR Consulting’s experience in guiding clients through these types of transformation has allowed us to identify five elements that are critical in maintaining competitiveness in today’s dynamic market.

These elements are not just pivotal; they are the keystones for any organisation seeking to navigate change effectively and sustainably.


1. VISION – A clear, well-communicated vision translated into a tangible strategy by leadership, ensuring every team member understands their role in achieving the common goal.

2. ACTION PLAN – A robust action plan is essential for turning high-level strategies into effective tactical operations. This involves setting clear, measurable milestones, defining lines of responsibility, and establishing accountability measures.

3. LEADERSHIP & ENABLEMENT – The evolving positioning of human advisers, from bureaucratic functions to value-added activities like co-creation and education, requires effective leadership and training. This demands a shift in traditional behaviours, which can be achieved through strong leadership and enablement strategies.

4. INCENTIVES & METRICS – Objective metrics are vital for tracking behaviours and assessing performance. Aligning these metrics with compensation plans can stimulate the right behaviours and provide a clear framework for accountability, addressing the common challenge of subjective performance assessments.

5. RESOURCES – Adapting team members into new roles and responsibilities requires training, coaching, and time. Introducing new metrics can help reallocate efforts to more impactful activities, and addressing challenges upfront is essential for embedding new practices.


These elements are crucial for driving organisational change and ensuring long-term success in the dynamic financial landscape.


Click here to download the white paper PDF


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