Krystof helps companies manage transformation, deal with their crises, and boost sales.

Over the past ten years, Krys has led companies to beat their competitors through sales process change, helped the investors attain their goals, set up efficient workflow frameworks, recruit and train salespeople. His experience working with companies such as PPF Banka, Omnipol, Agusta Westland, Sodick, Covestro, Bayer Material Science, Evonik, WAFE has led to a solid understanding of finance, international trade, supply chain management, and manufacturing.

Krys has also managed companies through IT transformation, cloud adoption, and process change with the aim of cost optimisation, and boost of sales. His experience as a member of the supervisory board at Omnipol Group made him responsible for IT transformation projects as well as fulfilling his roles as the CEO of Zenit and WAFE company, doing business with companies such as Agusta Westland, Sodick, Covestro, Bayer Material Science, Evonik, CORE, EBM Papst, Zehnder, and others, leaving him with a solid understanding of leadership principles in the rapidly changing and cloud-oriented business environment.

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