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Blog: Sales is not just a numbers game, it is a ratio game

Our Critical Success Factors were essential to me and my colleagues’ sales success. Sales needs to stop being perceived as a black art and if you are not already doing it, start tracking your individuals’ sales ratios.

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Blog: Introducing the new management team

We have made two new key appointments to support the next phase in our growth strategy.

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Blog: 5 Stages of Successful Sales Leadership through Effective 1-2-1s

Are you an effective sales leader? Turn a new leaf and ensure you are coaching your sales people regularly and effectively and watch the results. Effective sales leadership is about ‘PEOPLE NOT PAPER’.

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Blog: As a sales leader, how can you positively influence culture?

The habits of an organisation’s individuals can seriously influence its norms and values. You’ve probably heard the saying, “Lead by example,” because as a sales leader, you can be influencing the sales culture either consciously or unconsciously.

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