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Published: Aug '21
White Paper: Why the old approach to winning work is no longer effective for consultancies

In this paper, we examine the dominant trends that will continue to impact the industry and how this affects consultancy’s approach to business and client development.

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Published: Apr ‘21
Publication: How to get a 92% Open Rate – Cold Email Template

Use this to create your cold emailing sequence today.

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Publication: Making Your 2021 Sales Kick-Off A Knockout Success

How to create a virtual Sales Kick-Off that will retain as much of the positive impact of a traditional event, even as sales teams face real economic headwinds.

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Publication: Sales Compensation Planning: Principles of Success

This article outlines well-known problem areas that a compensation plan design incurs and how to help avoid/overcome these issues.

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Publication: Why Don’t Goals Work?

SEVEN STEPS for EFFECTIVE GOAL-SETTING: Why don’t goals work? That’s a question many of us ask when we fail to achieve them.

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Publication: Onboarding Salespeople Successfully

We discuss how tracking the emotional state of the recruit as they pass through the various stages of the recruitment and on-boarding process.

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Publication: How To Get The Customer Experience Factor​

This article highlights how the Customer Experience (CX) has become established as one of the most important differentiators between market leaders and followers. We explored CX in the context of B2B sales and posed the question, does it have a place?

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Publication: Sales Training Success Strategy

Do you get a good return on your investment on your sales training? As an HR or training professional within an organisation, how do you ensure that the sales training you buy is truly effective? In this article, MD Lars Tewes explains.

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Publication: Winning Hearts & Minds

Salespeople are renowned for their resistance to change. But for the sake of sales success, change they must. In this article Associate Director, David Batup explains.

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Publication: Having the Right Conversation

This article explores the application of having the right conversation. It relates to buyers as individuals and is respectful of their time, position and workload. In this way, sales teams can create clear water between themselves and their competitors, which will influence the final decision.

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