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Webinar: Sales and Marketing ‘Never the Twain Shall Meet’

An audience with a marketing expert and a sales expert: a Q&A special webinar comprised of 2 parts.

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5th October 2020
Webinar: Adapting Your Selling Style For The Virtual World

This webinar will ensure your team adapts their selling ability to relate to clients and prospects.

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Remote Sales Webinar #6: Convert Sales Activity to Sales Results

This webinar will ensure your team are having the right conversations in order to win more work.

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Remote Sales Webinar #5: Scaling up in a Lockdown

How to implement an effective hiring strategy, secure talent, and onboard remotely in the new world.

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Remote Sales Webinar #4: Leading To The New Sales Norm

We look at the crisis in 3 phases: the lockdown, the recovery and building, and finally, the new norm.

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5th November 2020
Virtual Conference: The Art of Selling Consulting Services

This virtual conference focuses on strategies and tactics that will drive growth and equity value into your organisation.

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Remote Sales Webinar #3: Coaching For Sales Performance

How to ensure leaders have the ability to develop the sales effectiveness of their teams remotely.

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Remote Sales Webinar #2: Selling Through Disruption

3 core elements when creating customer intimacy & protecting revenue in volatile times.

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Remote Sales Webinar #1: Leading Through Disruption

5 Strategies to effectively lead a remote sales team

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Blog: Elevating Remote Sales

The challenge that sales teams will now face is how to adjust and continue to achieve sales targets. Here are some practical ideas on how to cope with the new sales reality.

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