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Published: Feb '24
Blog: Beyond Referrals – Building a Sustainable Growth Engine in your Consultancy

We share a simple framework that will enable you to generate a sustainable flow of new projects, even in a challenging, volatile economic environment.

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Resource: ‘Effective Goal Setting’

🎯 Learn our signature Goal Setting Framework 🚀

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Resource: Sales & Customer Success in Modern Business Management

We delve into the cultural shift needed for seamless collaboration, emphasising joint goals, shared responsibilities, and the critical role of empowering customer success teams.

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The Growth Workshop Podcast

Jonny Adams & Matt Best share their 30+ years experience on what growth & revenue acceleration looks like in modern business, featuring other industry leaders, we share critical elements required to build an effective growth engine for your business.

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Webinar: Revenue Intelligence: Using the Power of AI to Beat Targets (with Gong)

This webinar explores revenue intelligence for sales optimisation. Practical insights, real-world use cases, and success stories that have transformed businesses.

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Published: Jul '23 (5-min read)
Blog: The Rise of AI in Sales: Embracing the Future Without Losing the Human Touch

Exploring the advantages & downsides of AI & machine learning in high-performing sales organisations.

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Webinar: Unlocking the Potential in Your Sales Team using Salesforce CRM (with Trigg Digital)

Discover how you can enhance your strategic sales insights.

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Podcast: The Price Is Right (from ‘Death of a Salesman’ Podcast)

Excited to announce a podcast episode where our Jonny Adams delves into the intriguing world of pricing and negotiations with Alexander Low, Sales & BD specialist.

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Webinar: How To Deliver ‘Deep Growth’ In Your Business In A Disruptive Market (with Magnus Consulting)

This webinar sets out how one decisive organisational change can help you not only navigate unexpected change, but also how to drive growth that is strong, sustainable and valuable.

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Published: Apr '23
Blog: 6 quick wins to align marketing & sales in your consultancy

What quick wins with marketing are you seeing prove effective, and what relationships have you built? Here are 6 quick wins to align marketing & sales that you can do now in your consultancy.

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