Unlocking the full potential of customer success involves transcending traditional boundaries between sales and service management. In a conversation between Matt Best, Principal Consultant at SBR Consulting and Jaimie Cripps, an expert with years of experience in Service Delivery & Customer Success, both industry experts. They delve into the cultural shift needed for seamless collaboration, emphasising joint goals, shared responsibilities, and the critical role of empowering customer success teams.

We share a strategic blueprint for building a unified approach that drives growth, enhances customer satisfaction, and reshapes the future of effective customer management partnerships.


🌐 The Cultural Shift

At the heart of a transformation into Customer Success lies a cultural shift that propels businesses towards a unified approach. Jamie says, “The cultural differences within your organisation should align with the understanding that everybody, from the CEO down, should be brought into the concept that Customer Success is paramount.”

Cultivating a culture that champions customer success from top to bottom is fundamental to fostering collaboration and shared objectives.


💪 Empowering Customer Success Teams

Empowering customer success teams is not just about providing tools; it’s about honing capabilities and understanding diverse industry landscapes. Matt underlines the importance of investing in teams, stating, “They (CSMs) have to become experts in their customers, and build an understanding of their customer’s challenges, opportunities and industries.”

Building capable and empowered customer success teams requires investing in continuous learning and skill development.


🚀 Navigating the Commercial Mindset

As customer success evolves into a growth engine, breaking down the barrier between commercial and operational responsibilities becomes crucial. On one hand you have the reward and measures – Jamie emphasises, “Your bonus should reflect your additional responsibilities as a CSM,” highlighting the need for clear goals and shared ownership. On the other you have the roles and responsibilities…


🔧 Tackling Overlaps and Friction

While the synergy between sales and customer success is transformative, potential overlaps and friction need addressing. Matt suggests, “Joint goals should lock the sales representative with the operational representative,” advocating for shared ownership and collaborative planning.

Overcoming friction involves strategic planning, joint goals, and fostering collaboration to ensure a seamless transition for the customer between the sales and customer success teams.


🌍 The Real-World Impact

To bring these principles to life, consider a scenario where a service manager seamlessly transforms into a customer success manager. This shift is not merely a change in title; it’s a holistic transformation, as illustrated by Jamie: “They (CSMs) are still very different jobs, different backgrounds, different skills.”

Recognising the unique strengths and responsibilities of sales and customer success roles is crucial for a successful transition.


🤔 Why It Matters to You

In a nutshell, the growth synergy between sales and customer success is a game-changer for leaders aiming to drive business success. By embracing a unified approach, cultivating a customer-centric culture, and strategically aligning goals, businesses can propel their growth engine forward. You can learn more about growth in our White Paper: ‘How To Deliver Deep Growth’

The integration of sales and customer success isn’t just a trend; it’s a strategic imperative that will define the success of modern businesses in the competitive landscape.


🎉 In conclusion

Leaders seeking to elevate their customer management strategy should heed these key takeaways, fostering a culture of collaboration, empowering their teams with industry-specific knowledge, and embracing the joint responsibility of driving growth. As the lines between sales and customer success blur, the organisations that adapt seamlessly will thrive in the new era of business management.


If you’d like to know more about building a successful Customer Success function in your organisation you can email Matt Best at mbest@sbrconsulting.com


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