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We help our clients to grow their businesses by creating a cohesive sales culture based on successful sales habits.

We understand that sales extend outside the sales department. We define the real customer journey and identify and develop people wherever they are in the organisation, not just the top salespeople. This integrated approach enhances the whole sales process and creates individuals who have both the capability and conviction to be true advocates for their business. We welcome new challenges and draw on our creative approach and cross industry experience to create bespoke services that deliver sustainable, long term results. Our methodology gives each individual the habits, the drive, the motivation and the self-will to succeed.


At SBR Consulting, we believe the best way to nurture sales development in our clients is to create successful sales habits throughout the business culture.


We partner with you to create custom resources and deliverables that will support the transformation in your business.


We engage with your team to roll out new frameworks and tools and develop the new sales habits that will elevate your sales.


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