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“We focus on helping leaders to creating inspirational sales cultures where the focus is on actively enabling their people to successfully execute the sales process and methodology.”



  • Increased attainment vs target.
  • Improved retention of high performers.
  • Development of a proactive sales culture.


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“We’ve grown by 50-60% in the 2-3 years we’ve been working with SBR.

“All of SBR’s sales consultants are engaging. Their stories are so real, they make it sound & feel practical, pragmatic and make you believe that you can do these things. It’s a real positive experience.”

Adam Blomerley CEO of Quick Release.


Many of the people that are leading sales teams are in the role because they were great salespeople and haven’t necessarily been armed with the knowledge and toolkit to replicate their success in others.



We will help your leaders to:

  • Adapt their style to the situation, context and performance of their team vs a “one size fits all” approach.
  • Set meaningful goals and targets for their team.
  • Identify and build the strengths of their team.
  • Constructively confront and challenge unproductive behaviours and attitudes.
  • Build a confident and productive sales mindset within their team.


“We believe that leadership and coaching are essential to unlocking the sales potential that exists in so many teams.”


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