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“If you can’t find the right tool quickly and easily you may as well not have it at all.”


According to a study conducted by the Sales Management Association, B2B companies that defined a formal sales process experienced 18% more revenue growth compared to companies that didn’t.​

CSO insights highlight that companies with a defined sales process & methodology have: ​

  • Higher numbers of reps making quota​.
  • Higher percentages of company target attainments​.
  • Higher percentage of forecasted sales reached​.
  • Lower sales turnover​ and faster ramp/on boarding time.
  • More meaningful relationships with their clients.​


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These SBR Consulting clients have seen benefits such as:

  • 30% increase in larger deals to larger customers – Global cloud services provider.
  • 50% reduction in ramp-up time for new sales exec‘s – Telecoms Consultancy.
  • 25% increase in revenue from existing customers – Global Security Organisation.


To create a clear up to date ‘track to run on’ in terms of who does what, when and how across the sales process covering opportunity creation / identification through to conversion.


“Our partnership with SBR has helped us to clearly define how we win work.
“Now all our team recognise how they can maximise the value that our clients gain from the full range of our capabilities. Beyond the internal benefits to the team, we have also seen the value of a clearly defined approach in conversations with our investors.” ​

Matthew Neale Chief Commercial Officer of DMW Group



  • Enable step-change in sales performance by taking the emotion out and unlocking what is currently held in people’s heads.
  • Create best practice guidelines (not necessarily rules) from prospecting through to implementation that enhance speed and creativity. NB This is NOT about tying people up in knots.
  • Improve efficiencies and effective knowledge share/ability to locate knowledge.
  • Decrease the ramp-up time for new hires.
  • Support non-sales in sales situations – more effective collaboration.



By sales and for sales with involvement from wider business.

  • Focus on your customer and the people who buy your solution.
  • Model sales best practice and internal lessons learned.
  • Develop structure, compliance and governance to ensure consistently high and profitable performance.



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