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“As buyers have become more sophisticated there is increasingly a need for salespeople to differentiate not just by what they offer but also in the way that they offer it.”



  • Improved pipeline coverage.
  • Increased attainment vs target.
  • Improved conversion rates.
  • Improved deal size.
  • Improved sales velocity.
  • Improved account retention.
  • Improved lifetime value of accounts.


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Our sales habits programmes are tailored to your specific requirements and help salespeople develop productive habits in three key areas; skills, sales motivation and systems.



 “As the training was so valuable, newer people, established salespeople, the junior team or anyone interested in BD now benefit from it.
“SBR provided us with reliable methods and frameworks to approach a certain type of conversation with that was simple and implementable. We went from having 100 people in the organisation to 350.”

Stuart McNulty CEO of Alpha Financial Markets Consulting



Ability to access and engage relevant stakeholders in order to create, convert and maximise opportunities and lifetime value/retention of accounts.


Maximising personal effectiveness through investing time and resource into the areas required to achieve organisational objectives.


Developing the empathy, confidence and mindset necessary to engage proactively across all aspects of the sales process.


The need to sell value, provide insight and be prepared to challenge/shape a buyer’s vision across all levels of a decision-making unit are critical skills for the modern consultative salesperson.

Throughout the programme we will adopt the learning process that has been tested through the development of 1000s of salespeople within our parent corporation since 1868 whereby we share concepts that are reinforced and supported with tools and templates and embedded with application exercises.


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