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“The ability to retain and grow strategic accounts is critical to the achievement of revenue and profitability targets.”



  • Increased pipeline of opportunities from your existing accounts.
  • Improved revenue from your account base.
  • Increased retention/decreased churn.
  • Increased lifetime value for your accounts.


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SBR Consulting’s strategic account programmes focus on the development of the client knowledge and relationships needed to identify, create and convert opportunities that build mutual value and benefit.



“Within 3 years of working with SBR, we have over tripled our sales leads and meetings and opportunities.
“The evolution of Opal Wave capability is progressing. Development of inbound demand generation, marketing automation and sales team recruitment is all off the back of our work with SBR.”

Simon Bell Sales & Marketing Director of Opal Wave



We focus on creating an approach that is relevant for your organisation and that enables your people to:

  • Segment and prioritise their account base.
  • Identify risks, strengths and opportunities within their accounts so that they can create a plan of clearly defined objectives and actions.
  • Understand and articulate the value that they can add at a business and personal level within the account.
  • Identify, profile and access key stakeholders across all levels of the account.
  • Identify the white space / untapped opportunity that exists
  • Analyse the competitive landscape.
  • Identify and align their propositions with the key buying factors of their clients.


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