“We were keen to improve our sales effectiveness and move away from having conversations that were heavily focused on price and towards ones where we articulated the value we added to our clients.”

    Stuart Clark, Director at Energist UK

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A 39% improvement in conversion rate compared to the previous financial year.

More consistent sales delivery against budget, including a record sales month in June 2021.

2 group deals secured, providing circa £200k of revenue.

Moving from a price-driven sale to focus on their value-add sale, with examples including:

  • Securing a £30,000 tender where they were 20% more expensive than the competition
  • Increasing revenue from a key spender by 100% in six months, who had previously used a lower-cost competitor.
  • Securing a £90k appointment, through effective qualification of the scope of works required for the client.



The programme focused on improved qualification of opportunities in a crowded price driven market – how Energist communicate a compelling message that shows the value add.



Energist operate in a very price-sensitive market where cost is often the major driver when clients are making decisions. Energist really pride themselves on the quality of expert advice they give to their clients that far outweighs the investment levels a client might make. They wanted to change from responding to client briefs, to truly understanding the client’s objectives and then deliver a solution to achieve those objectives.

In addition, Energist deal with a high volume of enquiries which put pressure on the team’s qualification process.



SBR spent time with key stakeholders in the businesses and through 1:1’s, workshops and observing client interactions, they were able to build a bespoke programme that addressed Energist’s issues and that was culturally aligned to the business. The programme was run over a 4-month period which meant that habits were embedded, the team were given the chance to review and reinforce learnings and be held accountable.


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