Raising sales productivity and delivery top-line growth for a SaaS solution provider, focusing on the French marketing


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Eudonet, a specialist supplier of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, has built a successful business serving professional associations and other membership organisations. With new leadership and investment from Montagu Private Equity, the business has focused on driving double digit top line growth through customer acquisition, effective selling into existing clients and expansion into new verticals. The Montagu Full Potential Partnership (FPP) team introduced SBR as a trusted partner to help accelerate sales transformation, particularly in France which represented ca. 80% of total sales.


“SBR has helped us create a Sales Playbook and a Sales Guide. The workshops SBR ran have fundamentally changed the habits of the sales team: they now sell our software on value and benefits rather than on features. The Playbook has also accelerated the onboarding of new sales team members. The training that followed has enabled the team to qualify opportunities much more effectively. We have even integrated SBR’s qualification methods into our CRM system and our Go/No Go gate process. This allows us to have a sales process which takes into account the sales stage of our prospects, allowing us to have more reliable sales forecasts and to better plan the workload of the production team after the sale.”

   Guillaume Doré Sales Director of Eudonet



In order to support the growth objectives of the business, the Eudonet team were looking for both short-term ‘quick fixes’ to sharpen sales skills and a medium term programme of work to create an effective Sales Process and Sales Methodology. The change needed to be underpinned by updates to the CRM (to reflect the changes in Process) and enablement collateral (to embed the new Methodology).



Eudonet had an established reputation based on their innovative and verticalised approach and the tangible value they add to their customers. However, in an increasingly crowded and competitive SaaS landscape Eudonet needed to refresh their sales approach to successfully communicate the unique value of their proposition.



SBR provided infrastructure and tools for successful selling and hiring, inc. a Sales Playbook, Sales Guide & Competency Framework. These were co-created with Eudonet via a series of workshops. In parallel SBR provided focused refresher training on core sales skills.

The new sales process and methodology were then rolled out to the sales teams through a set of highly interactive training sessions supported by new sales enablement collateral and aligned changes to the Eudonet CRM system. SBR delivered all parts of the program, including the supporting documents, the workshops and the training sessions, in French.



  • Integration of qualification methods into the CRM.
  • CRM optimisation.
  • Increased quality of prospecting.
  • Improved Marketing to Sales lead handover.


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