This webinar will ensure your team are having the right conversations in order to win more work.


Key takeaways
– Our best practice Consultative Methodology technique (QUIS Selling™).
– A real understanding of the structure that makes an effective sales meeting.
– A best practice framework to coach to.
– Specific natural techniques that can be used straight away.
– Confidence that you will be able to help the client solve the “Real Issue”.
– Know when & when not to talk about yourself / your company.
– Greater understanding of what makes a great salesperson for your business.


Webinar Part 1 – Sales Process, presented by Tim Hillier, Principal Consultant


Webinar Part 2 – Sales Methodology, presented by Venetia Paske, Principal Consultant


Full Webinar, featuring Q&A with Managing Directors, Stuart Lotherington & Alan Morton:

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