Making Sales Enablement Work with Special Guest: Steve Pegler, Senior Manager (Sales Enablement)


On this webinar Alan Morton (MD) will be joined by Steve Pegler, Senior Manager (EMEA) of Sales Enablement at Sophos to discuss and share thoughts on:

• What is effective sales enablement?
• How you can build an enablement framework that delivers.
• How you can ensure ROI on the development programmes that you run.


At a time when organisations are having to ensure the effectiveness of their sales teams, while at the same time ensuring a tangible return on every penny spent on enablement, we wanted to bring you insight from enablement professionals that we are confident will add value to your thinking.


About our speakers:

Alan Morton, Co-Managing Director at SBR Consulting:

24 years into a sales career that involves successfully selling in complex environments and developing organisations globally, Alan is passionate about continuing to hone and develop the habits of a high performer in himself and in others. He ensures clients have the right habits, tools, and processes to drive revenues, increase productivity, and develop high-performance sales cultures.


Steve Pegler, Senior Manager EMEA Sales Enablement at Sophos:

Steve has over 20 years of experience building talent development and enablement programs, teams, and functions. He has developed a reputation for innovative and pragmatic solutions that deliver results on a global scale in his time working with both Rackspace and Sophos.


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