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Learn the key tools to be a great negotiator!


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By using the collaborative approach of WIN-WIN so that you continue a great relationship with your clients and understand some of the mistakes many make.

Splitting the difference is not negotiation!


~90% of all sales objections can be predicted before the negotiation starts…




  • How to effectively negotiate in the modern business world.
  • Learn an effective qualification framework.
  • Know what to identify before stepping into a negotiation.
  • Understand what to expect at the end of a meeting.
  • Learn the correct questioning skills.
  • Become a chameleon and adapt to different personality types.
  • Learn the common mistakes that drive down margins and lengthen sales cycles.
  • How to get the maximum fees and margins for your products and services.


“This course covers a broad range of topics and gave me a much bigger understanding of the field than I had before, and opportunities to practice them. SBR use their previous experience in sales to make the theory more relatable.”

Max Thorp (Delegate) from Ocado


What is included in the training?

  Remote or in-house training.

  Tools & checklists to take away.

  Quizzes, case studies, role plays, and stories.

  A negotiation planner & workbook.


Example Deliverables

  • Recognise the key tools of negotiation such as: Variables, Constants & Coverts.
  • Know your BATNA (Best Alternative To Negotiated Agreement) & ZOPA (Zone of Possible Agreement) when approaching the negotiation table.
  • Discover the 6 key mistakes in negotiation.
  • Learn 10 negotiation techniques commonly used by procurement.
  • Qualification & pre-approach + more from our negotiation methodology.
  • Learn the common buyer manipulation tactics and how to counter them.
  • Understand the client’s personality type with the DiSC framework.


Download PDF Marketing Sheet

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