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with Trigg Digital | Business Consulting | Salesforce Crest Partner


With our partners at Trigg Digital, a leading CRM Consulting & Implementation partner, we share valuable insights, practical tips, and real-world examples on how to design, implement and deploy scalable sales processes, powered by guidance, coaching and AI, that will help your team win more deals, faster.



What do we cover?

🗺️ The importance of a CRM strategy to drive the right sales behaviours.

🎯 How to design and shape strategic processes that lead to more successful business outcomes.

📈 How Salesforce data insights can deliver a successful Sales Transformation.

⚡ 3 ways Einstein GPT for Sales empowers teams to prioritise, deliver and win.


Both SBR & Trigg provide actionable strategies from successfully transformed sales processes by using Salesforce CRM. Whether you’re a sales leader, an executive, or a CRM administrator, this webinar will help you in today’s competitive business landscape.



  Alan Morton Managing Director SBR Consulting

  Steven Paul Founder & CEO Trigg Digital

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