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However strong your business proposition, however impressive the leadership, and however solid the investment and financial backing, unexpected change – whether in markets, politics, technological innovation or societal attitudes – will eventually push every organisation into turbulent waters.

This webinar, based off research from our recent White Paper with Magnus Consulting sets out how one decisive organisational change can help you not only navigate those waters but also use them to drive growth that is strong, sustainable and valuable.


What will attendees take away?

  • How to keep your people focussed during market downturns, without changing your KPIs.
  • Learn how tech can truly optimise the customer journey from end to end.
  • How to create a unified customer-centric team between marketing, sales and customer service.
  • How to promote change, and have a genuine growth mindset, not just good intentions.



  Alan Morton Managing Director SBR Consulting

With over 25 years into a sales career that has involved successfully selling in complex environments, leading sales teams, and developing organisations in the US and across Europe, Alan is passionate about continuing to hone and develop the habits of a high performer in himself and in others.


  Teresa Allan Managing Partner Magnus Consulting

A Board level marketer and business leader with over 20 years experience of helping companies realise their value through marketing and operational efficiency.

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