Do you have a clear track to run on for success?


In this podcast, Alan Morton offers practical steps and processes on how to form, change, enhance, and maintains our habits of success so you can become an unconsciously competent sales practitioner.



This is part of the “Coaching & Mentors Unwrapped” podcasts.

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The 8 practical tools & processes:

1. Learn how to go from Unconscious Incompetence to Unconscious Competence.
2. Remembering to Start, Stop and Continue.
3. How to form a habit.
4. How to have a clear focus with clearly defined behaviours and attitudes that you’re looking to develop.
5. Finding mentors and coaches to hold you accountable.
6. Developing affirmations.
7. Seeing failure as an opportunity to learn.
8. Breaking things down into small steps to achieve daily results.


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