Our approach is to support clients in both the strategy and execution of their sales force effectiveness. As sales practitioners, our team are experts in supporting the full end-to-end journey. The partnership starts by reviewing the sales strategy, followed by creating the right sales processes to support the strategy. Subsequently, we move into the implementation stage and provide most effective training and coaching solutions. View our services or email us now.

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Sales Transformation

Sales Transformation is a change management discipline that enables company executives to improve sales performance.

SBR Consulting believes that in order to achieve true sales transformation, a business needs to have a ‘sales and service’ culture at its heart that is clearly reflected through its strategy, proposition and values.

We orchestrate change in the sales culture of an organisation by creating successful sales habits. We undertake a thorough analysis of the client’s business and the habits of sales personnel to deliver sustainable sales advantage.

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Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement is the process of providing the sales organisation with the tools, information and content that help salespeople sell more effectively.

SBR Consulting helps co-create the bespoke processes across all elements of sales from people (recruitment, onboarding & training), providing a customer focused sales process, and developing sales best practice through to ensuring the sales leadership are capable of performance coaching their people.

As sales practitioners, we ensure the tools and processes are relevant and easy to use and provide the foundations for a scalable sales model.

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Sales Force Effectiveness

Sales Force Effectiveness is about holding the sales teams accountable for growing the company revenues through increased customer acquisition and up-selling / cross-selling additional products and services that match the clients’ needs.

SBR Consulting believes effectiveness is about building the right habits and behaviours across the sales people in 3 core areas: Sales Skills, Sales Motivation and Systems. Take any one of the 3 elements away and effectiveness is lost.

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