SBR Consulting have worked with over 70 clients in the technology sector since 2002 including:

During that time we have worked to elevate the practice and perception of sales within these organisations in order to help them achieve their objectives.



SBR Consulting have helped clients drive pipeline coverage, improve conversion & close rates and drive order value, with some specific client results showing:

– There has been a 24-42% increase in close rates on “key deals” based on defining a qualification framework, developing the reps ability to qualify and the managers ability to run deal reviews.
– We have seen an uplift in Monthly Retention Rates in the mid-market of 66%, from c.£120k per month to over £200k in just 18 months through a development and roll out of an account development framework and methodology.
– Close rates went from 17% to 32% based on the work SBR did on tailoring and presenting value.
– Win rates on revenue that SEs have been involved with have gone from 28% to 53% by defining a collaborative engagement methodology with sales.
– Retention rates increased (churn rates went down to their lowest recorded level) based on work with service delivery managers.



Typically when working with technology firms we find they reach an inflection point where the market driven / technology growth has to be replaced by sales excellence. The common challenges we helped address therefore revolve around helping the sales function develop the understanding, confidence and capability to qualify and quantify beyond the technology requirements, in order to understand the business outcomes and driver that their clients are seeking.


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