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“We chose SBR Consulting because of their professional approach and tailor-made development programme that gets results!” – Bojan Manevski, Head of Sales of InterActive

InterActive is an award-winning online learning organisation.



The need to engage with SBR Consulting was driven by a challenging target of doubling their turnover. However, the main issues were increasing challenges in the market due to increased competition and suppliers’ brand PR issues. This was naturally having an impact on the sales team and even though the team was very experienced some of the inevitable bad habits were creeping in.



As a result of the training programme, InterActive saw increased productivity in the sales team. Even though management was questioning the productivity of some senior salespeople prior to the programme, we managed to turn their approach to work around to be much more productive again. Thanks to the improved self-management capability, InterActive were able to see increased activity levels with net call time increasing to almost two hours per day. Work ethic improved in general and there was more trust in management rather than the previous constant battle against unproductive rationalisations.



SBR Consulting believe that the only way to make the right long term changes in a business is to have a true understanding of our clients’ current situations. This is essential for the long term success of a programme. Our Consult phase was designed to understand the daily issues affecting sales individuals and the sales team as well as to understand the company processes to enable us to develop a bespoke programme for success. It also served to establish an initial relationship with the salespeople to help embed the programme having developed a level of trust and opening their minds to learning – a crucial part of working with experienced salespeople.

After consultation with senior management, SBR Consulting developed a programme focusing on sales skills as well as having a core emphasis on productive sales mentality and self-management.


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