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🗣️ 5 Key Discussion Points

  1. Understanding the Roles: Who SHOULD be doing what in your Marketing & Sales team.
  2. Strategic Focus Areas: Identifying key areas you may not be thinking about for better alignment.
  3. Seamless Collaboration: Where Marketing & Sales Efforts should and should not intersect.
  4. Overcoming Challenges: The common pain points and solutions to those.
  5. Success Stories: Real-world examples of effective Marketing & Sales alignment in Professional Services.


“Since we started working with SBR, our sales have quadrupled. We’ve built our sales process and strategy around the things that SBR taught us. We continue to work with SBR 5 years later so I think that says it all.”

     Rob Farrone Co-Founder of Quick Release


SBR Consulting & Create Engage specialise in business growth through sales and marketing strategic solutions.

With over 200 clients advised over 20 years in the consultancy arena, we’ll bring you some golden nuggets from proven Professional Services strategies.


💻 Speakers

     Alan Morton from SBR Consulting. Alan works closely with 175 professional services organisations helping them to drive revenues, improve productivity and develop high performance sales cultures and capabilities across all parts of their client-facing teams.

     Nick Synnott from Create Engage. Nick is a consultant working in the Digital Marketing space focussing on strategies used by one successful Consulting firm to help them generate over 300 leads in a year!


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