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SBR Consulting, a sales transformation consultancy team up with Glyphic, an AI copilot for sales teams to look at how artificial intelligence is transforming sales.


🗓️ Date: Thursday 25th April

Time: 3pm (BST)

Duration: 45 minutes


💡 What will I take away?

  • Key insights from recent research on sales teams’ resistance to new technology and how to overcome it.
  • Real-world examples and use cases of AI being used to improve sales processes like call prep, qualification, coaching, and more.
  • A step-by-step framework for embedding AI into your sales workflow to drive behavioral change.
  • How managers can leverage AI tools to provide data-driven coaching and improve team performance.


👥 Who is this webinar for?

Anyone who works in B2B sales. The goal is to provide value and best practices around using AI to improve sales processes.


🔍 Speakers

Bill Bauer from SBR Consulting

Now 1000 clients deep, Bill is the Head of Product for SBR, helping organisations drive revenues, improve productivity, and develop high-performance sales cultures and capabilities across all parts of their client-facing teams.


Devang Agrawal from Glyphic AI

Glyphic empowers sales teams with AI-driven success. Their AI copilot automates manual processes and provides previously inaccessible insights, helping businesses optimize revenue strategies and increase conversion rates.


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