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SBR Consulting is committed to the Management Consultancies Association (MCA) Consulting Excellence Scheme, raising standards in sales consulting and as such want to be aligned with the focus of the MCA to accelerate sales transformation, enable growth and at the same time increase sales efficiency and effectiveness.

SBR wants to be involved in supporting other firms by improving sales consulting. We aim to be part of a community to share knowledge and experience and represent world class consultancy practice.


Consulting Excellence firms work with clients, partners, employees and other stakeholders in an ethical way. We are responsible in the fact that we have an agreed set of principles that drive our culture. We drive our behaviours towards each other, our suppliers, and our customers. An example of this being reinforced is demonstrated at our yearly Global Summit. At various points in the year we bring the entire firm together from over the globe to share knowledge, be involved in developing the company and build team relationships.

Proof of our business being conducted in a way that relates to moral principles can be referenced from some of our long-standing clients. They are an example of how our client’s value SBR, and how we are committed to building a long-term relationship with them. We apply reliable methods and frameworks and nit ourselves into the fabric of our client’s DNA.

The ways in which we foster an ethical culture is with regular reviews with clients: we use independent consultants who consult by shadowing and give regular observational outputs to our clients. We have a set of standards that our consultants follow and a sales diagnostic. Every member of our team has structured personal support. We have an inhouse onboarding programme that is updated and developed with our new hires. We are part of Southwestern, a global family of companies. Our work is bespoke to each client and our approach is specific each case individually.


Our first principle is accountability: we believe in forming habits that hold us and our clients accountable for our success. As professional sales practitioners, we lead by example; we always do what we say we will do.


Our second principal is service: we are driven to help people achieve their goals in life. We know our success will follow our clients’ success.


Our third principal is growth: we focus on delivering sales growth. We develop skills and enhance self-motivation, continuously improving the effectiveness of our clients’ sales systems.



Consulting Excellence firms promote the highest standards of client service and value. We ask the right questions to understand our clients’ needs and objectives. We provide impartial advice to help our clients achieve their objectives. We coach the client through every step of the way, and we challenge perceptions and deliver what is truly needed. We elevate the practice and perception of sales and sales leadership.

We take the time to understand our client’s needs before we can offer the right solution for them. We do transformation, not off the shelf or “one size fits all” programmes. Long term partnerships where we deliver results and are seen as the trusted advisor are key to our success. One off engagements are rarely great for anyone; us or the client. Goals and objectives are agreed upfront between clients and us, and our client’s success is our success etc. Our clients are our heroes. We win when the client wins.

Our vision is to elevate the practice and perception of sales and sales leadership. In our opinion, too often sales is seen as a dirty word and elevating the practice and perception of sales is what drives us every day. We are proud to be in the business of sales. If done right, it leads to happy customers and an engaged team.


Our personality and what we are like to work with is stated in our brand core personality and values. We are genuine: we are practitioners, we are grounded, and we understand the challenges faced by our clients. We genuinely believe that by embedding professional sales habits we will deliver sustainable success.


We are tenacious: we are committed to creating significant growth for our clients and ourselves. We honour our heritage with a legacy of determination, resilience, and dedication.


We are visionaries: we are industry leaders in redefining and advancing the profession of selling. We help our clients to understand how creating truly integrated sales cultures will help them to achieve their full potential.



Consulting Excellence firms develop the capabilities of their consultants, provide career development opportunities and support the welfare of all their employees.

– We are investing in people so that we can support our client’s needs. Each year we hire new consultants to the team. We run monthly internal training programmes for the whole team and continue to invest in other areas of personal development so that we stay ahead of the competition. Programmes that we have developed in our team include Psychology, Transactional Analysis and Marketing Development. As early adopters creating client specific sales playbooks and sales guides, we continue to add the appropriate technology for each of our clients. We are adding new offices globally – as a minimum, one every 3 years (currently we have a physical presence in 5 countries) as well as consultants with multi-language capability to support our global list of clients. We have annual appraisals for all our staff, goals, and promotion targets. We set aside a budget for training, e.g. we have recently certified our consultants as DiSC accreditors and taken the PRINCE2 project management course.

– We hold regular 1-2-1s, meet monthly as a sales team, constantly develop our internal IP, and we shadow and learn from each other. Each member of our company is an Authentic Sales Practitioner, from the consultant team to the operations and finance. We mix curiosity with insight constantly challenging ourselves and our teams. We are always curious about the sales profession and willing to learn from others in the team. One of Country Managers quotes, “I like being challenged all the time and still have a great safety net to rely on in the team of extremely experienced but also caring senior colleagues. I also enjoy being paid what I am worth and delivering projects across the whole continent.”

– We care for our employee welfare and career development. Each consultant has an annual goal. Our levels range from consultant, senior consultant, principal consultant, managing consultant to senior partner. Each year there have been promotions. We offer maternity and paternity packages and special circumstances and rewards to those who hit their targets. We have a company holiday to those who hit a minimum level of sales, including our Marketing, Operations, and Finance team if certain company targets are met. Our holiday packages are 21 days + bank holidays and you can carry over up to 5 per year. Every month we show statistics on promotion. We promote a ‘working from home’ policy and offer flexibility for our consultants for meetings. We want to offer balance and positive mental wellbeing to the consultants who chose to work long hours. One of our Senior Consultants quotes, “I was one of their clients and the impact they had on our sales performance was so phenomenal that I wanted to join. I discovered a team of talented individuals, practicing what they preach and driven by making a positive difference around them!”


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