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  • Support career progression opportunities, succession planning & talent management.
  • Provide a clear view of role requirements driving revenue growth now & in the future.
  • Provide a framework for managers to coach effectively.

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  • Clear expectations set, based on role and experience, for the sales teams, providing them a track to run on.
  • Structure for performance management and appraisals for the leadership team.
  • The foundations for which to recruit from, influencing job descriptions and interview questions.



  • Core competencies identified and document, aligning with company values (where relevant).
  • Levels of capability of each core competency defined.
  • Expectations of roles linked to competencies and levels.
  • Leadership framework and document created.

Having clearly defined core competencies, characteristics and attributes you want your sales team to be exhibiting, provides the sales team, and the roles within the team, a clear understanding of what is expected of them.

It also provides the leadership team with a framework for which they can coach and performance manage the team, identifying strength and areas for growth.




 World Class.

The competency/selling approach is fully adopted and in daily use. There is evidence of innovation in terms of the competency being adapted to improve its application and benefit to both the company and the Customer. There is clear evidence of Ambition, Pace, and Execution.


Has consistently applied the approach and there is evidence that it is part of their day-to-day sales activity both in terms of documentation systems (e.g. CRM) and successful outcomes. The competency has become habitual. Extends and uses the competency to mobilises the company to act to secure opportunities.


Demonstrates understanding and is capable in terms of the expected performance level. There is significant evidence of the application of the competency, skill(s), and tools. Its clear they are successfully applying it to their sales opportunities.



This is the minimum level of performance for all competencies. The individual understands the competency and is knowledgeable about the subject and its application. They have some experience and success in its application. This could apply to a new hire, or someone promoted into a new role, or a new requirement in their role.


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